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Emerald Coast Alarms interactive security offers the most advanced remote monitoring and control so you can keep track of everything that happens on site, no matter where you are.

Security on Site

Your Emerald Coast Alarms system will allow you to keep track of ALL activity at your job sites — not just entries and exits, but every door, gate, garage and window. Best of all, you can monitor and control everything — even arm and disarm the system — remotely through any web-connected computer or mobile device. You can also get text messages sent straight to your cell phone for notification of any system activity, or view daily reports at home from your computer. With Emerald Coast Alarms, you can ensure that your sites are secured and running smoothly, even if you can’t be there every day.


  • Manage visitor access.
  • Instead of being on site to let visitors in, you can grant service professionals and visitors access by creating and managing multiple user access codes from your computer.


  • Gain new business intelligence.
  • Track which rooms or model homes get the most foot traffic .


  • Be in control even when you can’t be there.
  • Remotely program and manage your system from any web browser.

  • Secure any site, any time.
  • Emerald Coast Alarm is completely wireless so you can secure and monitor your site without a phone line.


  • See what’s happening on site as it happens.
  • Receive real-time video or image alerts if sensitive areas are accessed, or just monitor daily activity with indoor and outdoor video monitoring & image capture.


  • Know your site is always secure.
  • Never wonder if your team forgot to arm the system when they left –set rules to automatically arm and disarm your system, or do it remotely from your phone or computer.

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", one of the original providers of cloud-based home automation, is introducing perhaps the smartest thermostat ever, the new 'Smart Schedule' system."

- CEPro

"You can get real-time updates on doors and windows, watch live and recorded video feeds... Talk about a no-brainer."

- Cnet

"I found the system powerful and easy to use. I especially liked the way the system's components work together."

- New York Times